2nd International Conference

On Cultural Sustainable  Tourism (CST). 13-15 October Video Conference

terça-feira, 13 outubro 2020 a quinta-feira, 15 outubro 2020

University Institute of Maia – ISMAI, Portugal  www.ismai.pt

CEDTUR – Centro de Estudos de Desenvolvimento Turístico https://cedtur.ismai.pt/pt


Site da Conferência https://www.ierek.com/events/CST2020#introduction

Conference Email cst@ierek-scholar.org


Abstract Submissions Deadline     30 Jun 2020

This conference focuses on discussing the complex relations between culture and tourism. It also presents the methods of involving the participation of communities, in preserving, spreading, and improving the cultural heritage for the following decades. As great contributions from planners, architects, and stakeholders are exerted in order to spread the importance and role of cultural tourism and how to maintain it. This conference aims to balance between the society, environment, and tourism in order to control the negative impacts, and increase the positive ones, which can be achieved through spreading creativity, and cultural diversity, and through increasing and spreading awareness for the importance of cultural tourism. Cultural sustainable tourism (CST- 2020) discusses the complex relations between culture, and tourism, and how planners, architects, and stakeholders help in conveying and spreading the importance and role of cultural tourism and how to develop it.

Conference Topics

  1.  Policies and Mechanisms for Heritage Preservation
    1. Heritage Preservation and Green Economy Integration
    2. Cultural Heritage Diversity and Green Tourism
    3. Globalization and Heritage Management
    4. Allocating Cultural Heritage and Environmental Resources, Wealth Conservation and Management
    5. Heritage Preservation and Integration in Modern planning.
  2. User Interaction Based Development
    1. User Centered Design and Management for Cultural Heritage
    2. Heritage Social Role in Sustainable Development
    3. How Demographic Shifts Affect the Cultural Identity
    4. Social Development in Public and Cultural Spaces
    5. Cultural Traditions evolution through the year
  3. Role of Economy in Heritage Developments
    1. Economic Sustainability, Concepts & Impacts
    2. Economy and Culture, Methods for Sustainability
    3. Achieving Sustainable Economic Development: Macroeconomic Models and
    4. Empirical Methods
    5. Globalization and Sustainable Economic Growth
    6. Heritage in Socio Economic Development
  4. Planning and Development of Sustainable Tourism
    1. Building Effective Tourism Strategies
    2. Tourism Sustainability and Economic Efficiency
    3. New Policies and Strategies for Tourism in the Mediterranean Basin and Beyond
    4. Integrated Relational Tourism (IRT) as a Tool of Development
    5. Role of Authorities and Stakeholders in Effective Tourism